First in the World; A Complete List – General Knowledge

From scientific discoveries to human achievements and more, many of these groundbreaking moments have become important subjects in exams and general knowledge. This article presents a complete list of “First in the World” events that encompass all of the significant human discoveries, inventions, and adventures throughout history.

First in the World

First Radio Telescope Satellite launched into SpaceJapan
First country to use glassEgypt and Mesopotamia
First country to make mapSumeria (3800 BC) (1500 BC)
First Space Ship Landed on Mars World’sViking-I (July 1976)
first Multipurpose River Valley Project FirstTennessee River Valley Project (USA)
Space Shuttle Launched FirstColumbia
rocket to go near the Sun FirstHelius ‘B’
country to make Constitution FirstAmerica
country to start underground metro rail FirstBritain
unmanned mission on Moon FirstLUNA-9
van to carry man on MoonApollo – 11
First country to do Artificial Satellite ExperimentRussia
Country to give voting right to womenNew Zealand
First country to appoint lokpalSweden
First country to imposed carbon taxNew Zealand

First in the World (Male)

First Asian to head the International Cricket CouncilJagmohan Dalmiya
First man to climb Mount EverestSherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary (29th May, 1953)
First man to go into spaceMajor Yuri Gagarin (USSR)
First man to work in spaceAlexei Leonel (Rerssiaj)
First person to give information about planets and their motion around the SunNicolous Copernicus
First man to compile EncyclopaediaAspheosis (Athens)
First person to go on both the poles (North and South)Albert P Carey
First man to reach North PoleRobert Peary
First man to reach South PoleRoald Amundsen
First man to climb on Mt Everset without oxygenPhu Dorji Sherpa

First in the World (Female)

First woman President of a countryMaria Estela Peron (Argentina)
First woman in the world to cross the Strait of GibralterArti Pradhan (India)
First woman Cosmonaut in spaceValentina Tereshkova (USSR)
First female to find asteroidCaroline and Derschell
First woman to cross the Seven SeasBula Choudhary
First non-white female to win Nobel Prize in LiteratureToni Morrison
First woman to reach AntarcticaCaroline Mikkelsen
First woman to have a space-walkSvetlana Yevgenyevna Savitskaya

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