Fit India Quiz For School Students Is Announced By The Sports Authority Of India

The Sports Authority of India has launched the Fit India Quiz for school students as part of the Fit India Movement. The quiz will be divided into four rounds: school, preliminary, state, and national, with a total prize pool of over Rs 3 crore for both schools and participants. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBE) has requested that all connected schools participate to the fullest extent possible.

Sports Authority Of India Announces Fit India Quiz For School Students

The quiz’s registration will open on July 1 and close on July 31. On September 4, the National Testing Agency (NTA) will hold the preliminary round, which will be conducted entirely online. The state round will take place in October, followed by the national round in November.

Quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the Final make up the national round. The national champion team will win Rs 2,50,000 and their school will win Rs 25 lakh in prize money.

The school will earn Rs 15 lakh, while the first runner-up team will earn Rs 1,50,000. Similarly, the second-place team will be awarded Rs 1 lakh, while the institution will be awarded Rs 10 lakh.

Cash awards will be awarded to teams and schools who place first, second, or third in the state rounds, as well as those that qualify for the state round by passing the preliminary or NTA round.

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