What is Economic Survey of India?

The Economic Survey of India is a comprehensive review of the Indian economy presented annually to the Parliament of India by the Ministry of Finance. The survey serves as a key reference document for policy makers, economists, and stakeholders, offering an in-depth analysis of the current state of the Indian economy and its future prospects.

It covers a wide range of topics including the performance of various sectors such as agriculture, industry, and services, employment, inflation, international trade, and balance of payments.

The survey also provides an assessment of the government’s economic policies, the challenges facing the economy, and the steps taken to address these challenges.

In addition, the Economic Survey offers a comprehensive analysis of the country’s fiscal and monetary policies, public expenditure, and tax system.

The survey also provides valuable data and statistics to help track the progress of the Indian economy over time. Overall, the Economic Survey of India is an important tool for understanding the economic performance and policy initiatives of the Indian government.

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