Which of the following gases is called ‘marsh gas’?

Which of the following gases is called ‘marsh gas’?

  1. A. H₂
  2. B. CH4
  3. C. C₂H₄
  4. D. C₂H₂

Answer: B. CH4

CH4 (methane) is aptly referred to as “marsh gas,” because it is often found in marshes and other wetland environments. Methane is produced through the anaerobic (without oxygen) decay of organic matter by microorganisms in these environments. It is a colorless, odorless gas and is the primary component of natural gas.

Other Options;

  • Methane (CH4) is commonly known as marsh gas because it is naturally produced by the decomposition of organic matter in marshy areas. This process is called methanogenesis.
  • H₂ (hydrogen) is not commonly called marsh gas. Although it can be found in marshes, it is not a primary product of their bacterial activity.
  • C₂H₄ (ethylene) and C₂H₂ (acetylene) are not associated with marshes and have different chemical properties and applications.

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